We create a young and experienced team of specialists. We use modern 3D scanners and professional processing programs, thanks to which our services are provided at the highest level.

Customer satisfaction with our services is a priority, when creating projects, we stick to the guidelines provided by the client, we make the utmost care to ensure that the projects are refined in the smallest detail.

We have many years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of scanning. Thanks to this, we are able to guarantee satisfaction with our services.

We do not only scan simple residential buildings, we also carry out works on facilities that require new solutions, regardless of the place.

When implementing projects with regular clients or acquiring new ones, we focus on full professionalism, meeting contractual deadlines with attention to detail and being in constant contact with them.

We work globaly

Our office is located in the Tri-City in Pomerania, but we carry out projects anywhere in the world. Our portfolio includes many projects implemented in Poland and abroad. wiele projektów zrealizowanych w Polsce oraz za granicą. 

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