Floor measurement with the use of 3D laser scanning are primarily two main advantages that distinguish it from measurements performed with the use of typical geodetic instruments – levels and electronic total stations:

  • Measurement speed (for comparison, the measurement time with the scanner is 1: 6 in relation to the tacheometric measurement and 1:15 for leveling)


Thanks to this, the measurement can be performed already during the laying of floor layers, and due to the mirrorless method of measurement, there is no fear of damaging the fresh surface of the finishing layer. This allows for the ongoing implementation of the necessary executive corrections.

  • Depending on the needs, the density of the measuring grid is about 1-5 cm, which is impossible to achieve in the case of typical geodetic instruments. Due to such a concentration of measurement points, a hypsometric map is created, which fully shows any possible inaccuracies.
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