Complete architectural and construction documentation together with the calculation of total shares of the residential and service premises inside one of the tenement house in the center of Gdynia. Due to the large number of owners of residential premises, once again 3d scanning proved to be excellent in this case and the measurement took only 2  days. , which enjoyed the residents.

Construction survey is needed by an investor who wants to have current picture of the existing building . Sometimes there is no documentation at all (is lost, incomplete or destroyed) or there were some changes made in the meanwhile and it is simply out of date. The real picture of the building is really useful and can be used for the following:  planning  renovation works, construction extension, interior design, new utility installations, equipment, demolition, calculating usable floor area for the rent or sale, issuing for certificate of premises separation, change of use, legalization of unauthorized construction, settlement of the contractors (e.g. quantity take-off of walls, facades, tiles)

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