The system performs measurements of intelligent technology, thanks to which we take measurements of measurements and deform the SENCEIVE remote measurements of the control.

Two communication and measurement solutions

provide support for all measurement conditions and types of monitoring solutions.


  • It is an idea for an intelligent sensor network, densely covering a medium-sized project and ensuring the frequency of measurements in seconds.
  • This, in turn, is a long-range solution, in which the most important aspect is the large dispersion of sensors and the control of readings from a large area.

SENCEIVE application by sector


Senceive technology is validated and deployed on rail networks around the world. The most common applications are monitoring of earthworks, tracks, tunnels and other structures.


We help protect people and infrastructure through short and long term monitoring that can provide early warning of problems and focus on efficient maintenance



Many types of construction activities can create challenges that threaten people’s health and third party assets. Intelligent condition monitoring technology is ideally suited to reducing these risks on construction sites.


Mining customers use Senceive’s intelligent surface and underground monitoring solutions to increase safety and increase efficiency.

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