POSSIBLE USE CASES AND BENEFITS – INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY AND NOT ONLY 3D scanning is a lot more than just increasing the performance. With this method you can analyze, measure, monitor and evaluate projects in the way that were previously impossible by traditional methods. We always support our clients in reliable assessment of the most effective method adapted to their needs.

Below you will find major advantages of using 3D scanning:

  • Capturing the real properties of measured object in high resolution
  • As-built inspection of constructed facilities
  • Renovations / Reconstruction – minimizing the risk borne by the investor
  • Reduction of the number of inspections required at the construction site

3D surveys

3D construction surveying made by us is a very precise reconstruction of existing state.It is based on the measurement taken from the nature using FARO scanner. The real image of the building, in form of up to date survey , is very useful and can be used for: planning renovation works, superstructure, construction extension, design (interior design, new installations, equipment, demolition), building/ premise usable area calculation, issuing for certificate of premises separation, its adaptation, change of usage type, legalization of unauthorized construction,  settlement of the contractors (e.g. quantity take-off of walls, facades, tiles)

Advantages of 3D construction survey

  • speed – the measurement is several times faster comparing to traditional methods
  • measurement accuracy – up to 2mm
  • measuring range – up to 130m from one stand, ability to scan high elevations, towers, chimneys, masts
  • large amount of obtained data – protects investment process against possible collisions

3d quality control

Trial Assemblies of shipping elements – Steel/ Concrete/ Wooden Constructions


A key point of manufacturing steel structures is a trial assembly of the shipping components, which is used for geometrical verification of works. For large objects, when it is impossible to assemble the whole structure, at least two adjacent sections are connected to each other. Traditional method of trial assembling, which was briefly described above, causes many technical issues, which don’t exist in 3d scanning methods. 


  • The measurement can be made during section assembling, not as in the traditional methods only after all work is completed.
  • The measurement time is much shorter
  • No need to engage your own employees to perform a trial assembly (i.e. transport and positioning of supports, scaffoldings and assembly sections) allows you to allocate them for other tasks.
  • Shorten time of making elements ready for shipping.
  • Czas wykonania montażu na budowie skraca się dzięki większej dokładności wykonanych elementów.
  • The time required for assembling at the construction site is reduced due to the better accuracy of the elements.


Money Saving: 

  • Done by one person
  • The measurement is made in the same place where shipping element is manufactured. No need to use gantries or cranes.
  • The measurement can be done for any position of element, without need of geodetic setup 
  • No need to make additional supports for positioning a section for trial assembly
  • Less space required for construction manufacturing and its trial assembly.


Higher precision and higher quality of constructed structure:

  • The measurement accuracy is +/- 2mm
  • Quantity of measurement points is up to 976 000 / second
  • Graphical interpretation of measured deformations let us to achieve very accurate localization of failure points

Floor Measurement

Floor measurement using 3D laser scanning has mainly two advantages that distinguish it from measurements made by using typical geodetic instruments – electronic leveling instruments and total stations:

  • Measurement speed (to compare, the measurement time with a scanner is 1: 6 compared to total station measurement and 1:15 for leveling)


Therefore, the measurement can be carried out already while laying floor layers, and thanks to the mirrorless measurement method there is no fear of damaging fresh surface. Due to that it allows to make necessary adjustments in real-time. 

  • Depending on the needs, the measuring grid density is about 1-5 cm, which is impossible to achieve with typical geodetic instruments. Due to such density of measuring points, a hypsometric map is created and fully illustrates any inaccuracies.

Virtual walkthrough

We make graphical presentation in innovative way – advertising materials of the property based on virtual walk through.

Using highest quality 360-degree photos, we can have step by step walk in the property getting 100% of real experience . This way we are able to make the presentation of the property more attractive and increase competivive advantage.

What Do We offer:

  • Making a virtual walk,
  • Providing 360º single photos,
  • The possibility of sharing materials on such portals as otodom, booking, etc.
  • Enabling “walking” through the premises with google street view,
  • Creating a real estate plan and attaching it to a virtual walk in order to get better visualisation of a property

What are the benefits:

  • Easy access for anyone interested through the search engine without downloading dedicated apps,
  • Presentation of the property with the smallest details, 360-degree photos, 100% reality reflection – the customer has the impression that he is walking through the property by himself,
  • Highlighting all the values ​​of the property – thanks to 360-degree photos, we are able to show the space occupied by each object, which is impossible in traditional photos.

Please find one of our works in the link below!